Catering for every taste and tipple, we’re proud to offer a level of advice and customer service that can only be described as 'premier cru'.

Established for almost 30 years in Old Town, Swindon, we stock an unrivalled selection of wine, fizz and beer from all over the world, as well as offering over 100 different malt whiskies and over 20 types of vintage port. In addition, we have a tremendous variety of gin in the form of our famous ‘gin wall’, alongside our much-admired flavoured gin trolley, which offers a more contemporary twist.
Magnum Wine Shop, Old Town, Swindon

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Find Us in Old Town, Swindon

We are open from 9:30am to 5:30pm Tuesday to Saturday. Please call us on 01793 642569 or email us at any inquiries.

  1. Over 300 different wines in stock
  2. Unrivalled beer selection
  3. 50 types of malt whisky
  4. 20 types of port
  5. Delivery Service

Magnum Wine
22 Wood Street
Old Town
Tel: (01793) 642569

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